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To case for ban the Mejlis documents of early 80-ies are attached

April 25, 2016 16:26 0 1940 QirimInfo
The «Supreme Court» of Crimea held a regular court session at the suit for the recognition of the Mejlis as an extremist organization.

The Supreme Court of Crimea, which is controlled by Russia, filed materials of 70 - 80-ies to the case at the suit for ban the activities of the Mejlis. The Chairman of Kurultai CEC of Crimean Tatars Zaire Smedlyaev, who was present at the session on the 25th of April, reported it.

"In order to recognize the Mejlis as an extremist organization, they file everything, if even it is not related to the essence of the issue. In particular, materials of 1978, when there was no Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people, and, probably, the accusers themselves, and, of course, there was another country of the USSR. In the same way they try to consider actions and documents that do not belong to the jurisdiction of the Russian Federation", — Smedlyaev wrote on his Facebook page.

Today the court began its consideration of the second volume of the case. Judges examined the site of the Mejlis, its declaration and screenshots of information messages in the Internet. Also a screenshot of Facebook page of the Chairman of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov was showed on trial.

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