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There is still no information about the missing Crimean Tatar, entrepreneur Rashid Yagyaev

May 08, 2019 13:11 0 9969 QirimInfo
For 3 weeks nothing is known about the entrepreneur Rashid Yagyaev's fate, Crimean Tatar who disappeared on April 22, .

“Until now, nothing is known. Militiamen tell us come tomorrow, as they're having holidays,” – representative of the missing Yagyaev said in a comment to QirimInfo.

Recall, on Monday, April 22, in occupied Crimea, the Crimean Tatar, businessman Rashid Yagyaev, disappeared.

Anyone who knows anything about Rashid Yagyayev's location, please inform the following numbers:

+7 (978) 88-38-952

+7 (978) 003-58-05

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