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Poroshenko contacted with requirement to respond to the situation with political prisoners

October 28, 2016 14:35 0 2696 QirimInfo
Public activists and MPs require the leadership of Ukraine more actions on the liberation of Ukrainian political prisoners in Russia.

Public activists and MPs have published an open letter to appeal to the President, the Chairman of the SBU, the NSDC Secretary, Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Ministry of Justice. The letter was published on the page of Oleg Sentsov’s friend Evgen Chernikov in Facebook.

The initiators of the statement demand from key departments to speed up work on the liberation of Ukrainian political prisoners, detained in prisons of the Russian Federation and Crimea.

"To assign a specific person or organization responsible precisely for negotiations on the release of categories of Ukrainian citizens, who are in captivity in Russia and temporarily occupied the Crimea for political reasons. To oblige that person or institution to report regularly in a closed mode the relatives of mentioned categories of persons and their defenders <...> to oblige that person or institution regularly (for example, once a month) to report to the public (in an amount which does not interfere with the negotiating ) on the progress in the negotiation process", – the statement says.

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