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Panov does not have access to lawyer for several days

August 19, 2016 14:46 0 2004 QirimInfo
Brother of the defendant thinks that all this is done in order to continue to wrest «necessary» evidence from Yevgen Panov.

Lawyer of Yevgen Panov can not visit his client in Crimea. A brother of the detained in Crimea Yevgen Panov on so-called "Case of Ukrainian saboteurs" Igor Kotelyanets told it Crimean human rights group.

Family of Yevgen Panov entered into an agreement with a lawyer to represent him in Crimea. Lawyer is trying to get a meeting with his client for several days, he came to the investigator, but the investigator did not give the opportunity to meet with Yevgen Panov. The investigator reported that the detainee allegedly already has a lawyer. Igor Kotelyanets emphasizes that the family has entered into an agreement with only one lawyer, who is not allowed to Yevgen Panov.

Experts of Crimean human rights group do not exclude that Yevgen Panov was provided a lawyer for "formality", but there are serious doubts that the lawyer provided by the FSB will protect the interests of Yevgen Panov. That is why it is very important that the interests of Yevgen Panov presented the lawyer with whom an agreement was concluded by relatives. "We do not rule out that Yevgeny Panov forced to waive all lawyers, except those who "satisfy" the investigation and the FSB", — Olga Skrypnyk, head of the Crimean Human Rights Group  said.

Also Igor told CHRG that the family did not trust the other lawyers.

"Even if Yevgen (Yevgen Panov - Ed.) allegedly waives our lawyer, we still insist that our lawyer is involved in the process", — he concluded.

Igor believes that the investigators specifically not allowed a lawyer to continue the "beat" of the Gene "necessary evidence."

Yesterday it became known that Yevgen Panov and others detained by Russian security services on suspicion of sabotage would be judged in Crimea.

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