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HIV-positive inmate placed in Mohammad Kabir’s cell in remand prison

June 30, 2017 17:37 0 4313 QirimInfo
The defense complained about the inactivity of the remand prison administration in this regard.

An HIV-positive inmate was placed in Mohammad Kabir’s cell in the remand prison. Mohammad’s wife Oksana told this.

 «They put him there three days ago. Kabir says that there was blood pouring out of his cell-mate’s mouth at night. They called an ambulance for him and he was supposed to be sent to hospital. At present moment, there are three inmates in the cell. Before the HIV-positive man was placed in there, they shared the cell with Evhen Panov», – Oksana told.

According to Oksana, her husband remains in a severe health condition, in particular, he started having black-outs.

 «His health condition is very poor. It’s practically impossible to pass medicines. They [the remand prison administration] demand some quality certificates: Ukrainian certificates are not good enough for them, and in Russia, you can wait for months for these certificates to be issued. I haven’t managed to pass him medicines, not once. The last time he felt bad in the detention center, the lawyer somehow managed to pass medicines. Apart from that, he started having black-outs, he says his daughter was born in 1968, although it’s his birth year. He is confusing dates all the time now», – Mohammad’s wife told.

On July 12, the Zaliznichny district court of Simferopol will consider the complaint of the defense of Mohammad Kabir on the inactivity of the remand prison administration. «We have demanded that a medical commission should examine Kabir since February. Now we filed a complaint», – Oksana added.

Last summer, Kyiv resident Kabir Mohammad headed for the Crimea together with his family. In the course of crossing the administrative border with the occupied peninsula he was detained by the Russian law-enforcement officers. Mohammad has been held in the remand prison in Simferopol for over 10 months.  

The authorities of the Crimea intend to extradite citizen of Ukraine Kabir Mohammad allegedly as a dangerous criminal who has long been on the Interpol’s wanted list. The point is, the name and surname of the Ukrainian citizen partially coinsided with the criminal wanted by the government of Iran. This is the only ground for the Administration of the Federal Migration Service in the Crimea to consider the issue of Mohammad’s extradition to Iran. He is facing up to 5 years of imprisonment there.

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