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Deputy Stepanchenko, accused of extorting money, beaten by head of detention center

June 02, 2017 22:44 0 2134 QirimInfo
Stepanchenko’s written claims about the non- rendering medical assistance to him disappeared from his cell.

Deputy of the Alushta city council Pavel Stepanchenko, accused of extorting money from a representative of the «United Russia», was beaten by the head of the detention center. Lawyer Oleksii Ladin told this in a comment for QirimInfo.

According to the lawyer, there was a conflict between Stepanchenko and the head of the detention center in Alushta. During the ordinary court session, Stepanchenko stated he had been beaten.

 «As a result of the conflict, the head of the Alushta detention center put him  [Stepanchenko] to the wall, launched several blows, then another officer joined – he twisted his arms, and then the head of the detention center hit him again, several times», – Ladin told.

The defendant also told that in the course of the search in his cell, carried out by the head of the detention center, the written claims on non-rendering medical assitance to him got missing. Stepanchenko said he would repeat them. The lawyer added that the public prosecutor’s check would be conducted upon the fact of Stepanchenko’s beating.

Important to note, deputy of the city council Pavel Stepanchenko and journalist Oleksii Nazimov are the defendants in the criminal case on extorting money. According to the investigation, they extorted money from the representative of the Alushta branch of the Russian political party «United Russia» for the non-disclosure of information, discrediting members of this party.

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