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June 3 — June 10 News Digest

June 10, 2016 13:59 0 2778 QirimInfo
Crimean «court» convicted Euromaidan activist Kolomiets to ten years, Investigative Committee announced Ibragimov at the All-Russian wanted list, 24 cases of pressure on media recorded in Crimea only for the last 5 months and more.

Police drove local protesters off in Alushta

June 4. On the 4th of June in Alushta about fifty people took to the streets to protest against the installation of amusement park on the central seafront. 

The rally was organized by the member of Alushta city council Pavel Stepanchenko, who actively supported the occupation of Crimea. The action was carried out in accordance with Russian law, the local authorities have been notified of the event. Despite this, the the police to the action and announced that the holding of this event is prohibited, without presenting the relevant documents.


Semerak: Russia destroys ecology of occupied Ukrainian land

June 6. The Russian Federation relates absolutely irresponsible  to the conservation of the natural environment in Crimea and Donetsk, said the minister of Ecology Semerak. As an example, the minister called the conducting of military maneuvres on the territory of the nature reserve and fuel oil spill in the Black Sea.


Institute of Mass Information: 24 cases of pressure on media recorded in Crimea only for the last 5 months

June 6. On the June 6th, a press conference "The Day of the journalist. Challenges and prospects of the Ukrainian media sphere" was held in Kyiv. During the conference executive director of the Institute of Mass Information Oksana Romaniuk told about the cases of restrictions on the freedom of the press work in the temporarily occupied territory of the peninsula.

"The number of offenses against media workers in Crimea increased significantly, in the same period last year. It is recorded 24 cases of pressure on the media  on the part of Federal Security Service and the so-called Office of Public Prosecutor of Crimea, which is headed by Natalia Poklonska, only for 5 months of this year. While for the whole 2015 year there were 44 such cases", –  Romaniuk said.


Investigative Committee announced Ibragimov at the All-Russian wanted list

June 7. Investigative Committee of Russia in Crimea establishes the circumstances of the abduction of ex-deputy of Bakhchisaray city council Erwin Ibragimov, orders were sent to the regions of Russia. In this regard, the investigating authorities address a request to the inhabitants of Crimea and regions to report immediately any information on wanted by telephones: + 7-978-909-11-11, (3562) 69-24-78 or 02.

Ex-deputy of Bakhchisaray City Council Erwin Ibragimov disappeared two weeks ago.


OSCE representative to discuss in Ukraine media problems in Crimea

June 7. The OSCE Representative on Freedom of the Media Dunja Mijatovic plans to visit Ukraine to discuss the issue of freedom of speech, the situation of the safety of journalists in the annexed Crimea and dialogue of Russian and Ukrainian media trade unions.

According to the Ukrainian media trade union, at the last meeting of the journalists unions of Ukraine and Russia, it was agreed that the OSCE Representative Office on Freedom of the media is going to work on the creation of a special mission of journalists' rights in occupied Crimea.

After the annexation of Crimea Russia, ARC Prosecutor's Office opened 13 criminal proceedings on facts of oppressions of journalists in Crimea for two years.


Cabinet of ministers approved Regulation on the Ministry on temporarily occupied territories

June 9. At yesterday's meeting, the government approved the Regulation on the Ministry on the temporarily occupied territories and internally displaced persons. The Ministry is created for rapid response to existing challenges and threats resulting from armed conflict and the temporary occupation of part of Ukrainian territory.

In addition, the ministry should also protect rights and freedoms of persons, which were violated because of the occupation, applying for international humanitarian law, and to coordinate the provision of humanitarian aid to the civilian population affected by the military conflict.


Crimean «court» convicted Euromaidan activist Kolomiets to ten years


June 10. Kyiv district "court" of Simferopol sentenced Euromaidan activist Andrij Kolomiets to 10 years' imprisonment with serving the term in a strict regime colony. "The prosecutor's office" accused Kolomiets of that being a member of the UPA in Kyiv at the time of the Maidan, he had made an attempt on the life of two employees of the Crimean special forces "Berkut", throwing them with Molotov cocktails. Kolomiets also was accused of storage and transportation of narcotic plants on a large scale.

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