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Chubarov criticized the Council of Europe's Report on Human Rights in Crimea

April 21, 2016 16:55 0 2566 QirimInfo
Chairman of the Mejlis does not agree with conclusions of the report, where is no information about Crimean Tatars persecution as an ethnic group.

The head of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar people Refat Chubarov said his disagreement with the Council of Europe's Report on human rights in Crimea, DW writes.

«The report says that only some dissidents and opponents to Russian regime are oppressed and persecuted in the temporarily occupied Crimea, but not Crimean Tatars as an ethnic group. We do not agree with this conclusion categorically», — Chubarov said at the meeting in Strasbourg within the scope of the PACE session on the 21st of April.

Chubarov noted, that Russian security forces do not come with searches to representatives of any religious confession in Crimea, except to Crimean Tatars, who profess Islam, and that ban of the Mejlis by Russian authorities is «the best proof of the fact that the occupation authorities conduct destruction policy against Crimean Tatar people».

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