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Chubarov: Russian celebration of Hederlez has failed

May 04, 2016 11:21 0 2799 QirimInfo
In spite of the administrative methods of gathering people, Russian authorities have not managed to arrange a large-scale celebration.

Crimean Tatar holiday Hederlez did not gather declared number of people in Crimea, in spite of the command-administrative methods of taking on. The Chairman of the Mejlis Refat Chubarov wrote it on his Facebook page.

The celebration was attended by Russian head of Crimea Sergij Aksenov, Vice-premier Ruslan Balbec, parliament speaker Volodymyr Konstantinov, and Russian actor Mykhailo Porechenkov.

Mass at the festival was provided by the requirement of Simferopol district administration to the heads of state institutions and enterprises to take their employees out to the festival, and directors of educational establishments – their students. It was also reported that local Crimean authorities forbade the celebration of the Hederlez separately from the state holiday, due to an alleged inability to ensure the safety of the event.

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