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Brother of political prisoner Kostenko threatened with forced psychiatric examination

February 18, 2016 13:18 0 2296 QirimInfo
According to Kostenkos’ lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov, Yevhenii Kostenko is being forced to undergo a psychiatric examination because of a criminal case filed against him.
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Yevhenii Kostenko, the brother of political prisoner Oleksandr Kostenko, is being forced to undergo psychiatric examination because of a criminal case filed against him, wrote Kostenkos’ lawyer Dmitry Sotnikov on Facebook

"A new investigator is working on Yevhenii Kostenko’s case. Yevhenii was summoned for interrogation without a lawyer. Since he cannot refuse to come, he arrived to say that he will say nothing without his lawyer. The investigator started persuading Yevhenii to pass a psychiatric examination voluntarily. Yevhenii refused. Then the investigator started threatening that she will demand a forced psychiatric examination in court," wrote Sotnikov.

According to him, the Russian laws do not provide for a forced procedure of this kind in the case of his client.

Oleksand Kostenko was sentenced in occupied Crimea to 47 months in prison. He was accused of assaulting a Crimean Berkut officer in Kyiv during the Revolution of Dignity.

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