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About 400 employees of «SimCityTrans» to be out of job

June 29, 2016 15:56 0 1979 QirimInfo
Primarily Crimean Tatars worked in the carrier company.

Because of the termination of the «SimCityTrans» shipping company in Simferopol, about 400 employees will be out of a job, Krym.Realii reports with reference to the press release of the enterprise. Primarily Crimean Tatars worked in the carrier company.

"Having returned to Crimea, where I was born, and then deported, I tried to help the Crimean Tatars to find a job and find a place at home. It succeeded in 2002, when my family had created a shipping company «SimCityTrans» where 400 people worked until now, primarily Crimean Tatars... It is sad to realize that now it does not exist anymore – today its work is terminated, and it means, about 400 people, who worked there, would be in the street", – it is said in a statement of Eden Islyamov – the owner and general director of the company, the father of the leader of action on blockade of Crimea Lenur Islyamov.

Let us recall, that on June 29th the Federal Bailiffs Service has suspended the license of traffic for shipping company «SimCityTrans» in Simferopol.

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