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Bariev: webcam to be installed at roadblocks near Crimean border

October 09, 2015 15:55 0 1721 QirimInfo
Camera will provide 24/7 online streaming of the blockade to prevent possible offences.

Activists are installing webcams near the roadblocks set up for trade blockade of Crimea, reports Center for Investigative Journalism citing Eskender Bariev, a member of the Mejlis of Crimean Tatar People. The webcams will stream round-the-clock.

“Currently we are working on setting up 24/7 online streams from these areas, so that any citizen of Ukraine will be able to watch that is happening there at any time of the day,” said Bariev.

They already have installed cameras near Chongar and are planning to launch the streams in the nearest future, he added.

This decision is probably connected to recent reports of law infringements and human rights violations on the part of some of the blockade activists.

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