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Cars on Crimean border to be checked only by policemen

October 08, 2015 12:54 0 2306 QirimInfo
After alleged offences by blockade activists police authorities decided to tighten control over checking process.

Now on all the car checks near the Crimean border are to be conducted with a policeman present, said Illya Kiva, deputy head of Kherson department of Ministry of Internal Affairs, in an interview with Hromadske radio. This decision was made during a joint meeting of civil activists, police officers, representatives of the Security Service of Ukraine and Ukraine’s Border Guard.

“I held a meeting with all the NGOs present; we discussed existing issues that have piled up lately. Foremost, the issue of discipline. Amid the current situation on the border with the alleged broken glass we decided that all the car searches are to be conducted with a police officer present,” he said.

Previously a Ukrainian man wrote on Facebook that blockade activist have committed wrongful and illegal acts against him, when he was crossing the border with Crimea.

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