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ATR has to cease broadcasting to Crimea

March 01, 2016 10:58 1 2613 QirimInfo
The TV channel ends up in financial distress

Crimean Tatar ATR TV channel has to cease broadcasting in the territory of Crimea because of scarcity of means to pay for the satellite. ATR Deputy Director General Aider Muzhdabaev has informed about it on his Facebook page.

“Tomorrow, or the day after tomorrow ATR and the child channel Lale will have to stop broadcasting to Crimea. The reason is Crimean Tatar TV channel, which has been deprived of everything by Russian authorities, is not capable of paying for the satellite transmission any more. And the government of Ukraine does not want to pay, "- Muzhdabaev has written.

We remind of the campaign "Save ATR» started on February 24, appealing to support the channel, which ends up in financial distress.

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Sergey Letun
01.03.2016, 22:09
І ніхто не повинен цього робити. Так?