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Activists called on PACE to influence Russian Federation in order to stop persecution of journalist Semena

September 19, 2016 15:46 0 2864 QirimInfo
Ukrainian activists in a public address to the PACE expressed request to promote the possibility of Crimean journalist Mykola Semena to go for treatment and closure of the criminal case against him.

At the meeting of the PACE Committee in Kyiv, a journalist from Crimea Anna Andrievska released a report on the situation with freedom of speech in Crimea and presented a public appeal to the PACE members that they contribute to the possibility of leaving the Crimean journalist Mykola Semena for treatment in Kyiv and the closing of the criminal case initiated against him by occupation authorities in Crimea. The appeal was signed by representatives of such organizations as Media initiative on human rights, CrimeaSOS, Ukrainian Helsinki Human Rights Union, the Information Centre for Human Rights, Center for Civil Liberties, EuromaindanSOS and former political prisoner, an activist Gennadii Afanasiev.

"In addition, I presented a report on the overall situation with freedom of speech in Crimea, in particular, that due to pressure and threats by the occupation authorities of Crimea and pro-Russian radicals  journalists massively leave the peninsula, or even leave the profession. Special attention in the report was given to the Crimean Tatar media, which were forced to move to the mainland, leaving the large part of its audience in Crimea", – Anna Andrievska told QirimInfo.

Also, the journalist added that 4 criminal cases against journalists were opened for the last two years.
Council of Europe Parliamentary Assembly members have demonstrated their interest in the topic and thanked for the information provided.

"Volodymyr Aryev addressed the meeting, noting that the problem of freedom of speech in Crimea should be an occasion for the statement of the Council of Europe. He also urged to continue to monitor the situation in Crimea to respond quickly on violations", – Andrievska added.

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