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Activist Suleiman Kadyrov interrogated on his membership in Mejlis

July 07, 2017 19:30 0 2024 QirimInfo
The party of the defense was allowed to make copies of the reports of the forensic linguistic and psychological-linguistic examinations.

Today, on July 7, activist Suleiman Kadyrov was interrogated in the FSB department in Simferopol. The investigator’s questions mostly concerned Kadyrov’s membership in the Medjlis of the Crimean Tatar people. The defense expected they would announce end of investigative measures.

 «In the course of the interrogation, Kadyrov was asked questions about his membership in the Medjlis. These questions were in no way related to the materials of the criminal case. Despite this, the investigator showed us the inspection record, which stated that there had been many publications on the Internet claiming Suleiman Kadyrov was a Medjlis member», – lawyer Emil Kurbedinov told in a comment for QirimInfo.

The investigator also satisfied the petition of the defense on provision of copies of the forensic lingusitic and pshycological-linguistic examinations’ reports. «We have the copies of these reports now», – Kurbedinov added.

During the interrogation, the lawyer also insisted that Kadyrov’s Ukrainian citizenship should be indicated in the interrogation record, in the paragraph «biographical information». «Investigator Parshutin refused to do it point-blank», – Kurbedinov told.

Last October, a criminal case was started against activist Suleiman Kadyrov for the calls for violation of the territorial integrity of the Russian Federation. Since the moment the criminal case had been initiated, the FSB prolonged investigation in this case four times, included Kadyrov in the list of extremists and blocked his bank card. Late in May, they started interrogating the first witnesses in his case. Two lingusitic examinations held in the framework of this case showed that Kadyrov’s comment on Facebook wasn’t a call for extremist actions.

According to the investigation, Kadyrov posted a video material called «New Battalion» by some blogger Demian Demianchenko, on his Facebook page. In the video, Demianchenko called for fighting a war with Russia to return the Crimea to Ukraine. Kadyrov, in turn, commented under the video that he supported the author’s position. The activist says he didn’t post this video on his page, much less commented on it.

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