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Activist Volodymir Balukh to stay in remand prison till March 4

February 28, 2017 13:52 0 1870 QirimInfo
Balukh stated in court his persecution was politically motivated.

Today, on February 28, the Supreme Court of the Crimea left the decision of the Razdolnenski district court on the arrest of Ukrainian activist Volodymir Balukh till March 4 in force. Radio Liberty’s reporter Anton Naumliuk has informed this on his Facebook page.

Balukh is charged with storing ammunition and explosives, which were allegedly found at his place during the search on December 8, 2016.

According to Balukh’s lawyer Taras Omelchenko, who has studied the case materials, there are no proofs that the found ammunition belonged to Volodymir Balukh. The lawyer has also noted that no investigatory measures were held during the last month.

«All this, including the third search, is done to put pressure on me. Because I preferred to stay a human in this hideous world, cultivated by the state, » – Balukh has said during the trial.

«It’s not that difficult to take another look at the appeal petition and the cassational appeal to see that, only a year ago, they threatened to plant weapons and ammunition on me to do what they have done now. To divest me off livelihood and break me. This is pointless, they can leave me with no means of existence and life, but they can’t break my spirit,» - the activist has said in his final speech.

In early February, the Russian human rights center «Memorial» recognized Crimean activist Volodymir Balukh as a political prisoner and demanded to release him immediately.

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