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Volodymyr Balukh's detention in a punitive confinement was extended

May 06, 2019 16:40 0 1027 QirimInfo
Volodymyr Balukh, a political prisoner, who has kept in a punitive confinement for a month now, had his period of detention extended for 15 more days.

This was written in a letter dated May 4th, to Tetyana Lazde, Ukrainian activist from Latvia.

My vyshyvanka, along with my t-shirt with a kozak, along with other things, were “worked out” (commandeered, stolen, fraudulently appropriated – all definitions are correct!) in a Kerch penitentiary No.2 by the so-called “employees”. So, on May 16, I won't enlighten my appearance by wearing a garment with Ukrainian genetic code printed on, especially since my detention in here was extended for another 15 days, and you're not allowed to do anything in here.

On April 24, the de facto Supreme Court in Crimea decided not to count the time spent by Balukh in the SIZO according to Russian legislation – day for a day and a half. The "court" decided to defend time according to the "day-to-day" principle, which will seriously prolong Volodymyr's term of detention.

Ukrainian political prisoner Vladimir Balukh is in colony No. 4 (Torzhok, Russian Federation), where he was transferred from the Kerch colony No. 2 to serve his sentence on a trumped-up case. This transfering is contrary to the norms of international humanitarian law. On April 4, he was placed in a penal isolation ward of colony No. 4 (Torzhok, Russian Federation), where he was to stay until April 19.

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