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My regards to all the progressive mankind – political prisoner Balukh wrote a letter

May 04, 2019 22:09 0 1915
A letter from Volodymyr Balukh, Ukrainian activist, who is illegally convicted in occupied Crimea, and a political prisoner, was published on Facebook by the Russian activist Yulia Lorenz.

According to Lorenz, Balukh writes that he has been in the ShIZO (penal isolator) of the colony in Torzhok, Tver Region, for three weeks already.

“I have never experienced such a concentration of feeling cold per unit of my time living (existing),” an activist quoted the words of the Ukrainian political prisoner Balukh.

Lorenz also quotes from a letter stating that Volodymyr Balukh has been eating bread only for a month and a half:

"... if at first there was at least the possibility to somehow heat a separate part of my body, wrapping yourself around the heating pipe in the chamber, then from April 16th, the heating was turned off ... As for the termophilic southerner, besides eating the last one and a half months bread only (as it is forbidden to eat something from parcels to ShIZO), that is, I'd tell you, not the easiest challenge, even at night...”

Recall that the de facto court in occupied Crimea illegally extended Balukh's term in the Russian colony.

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