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Appeal rejected: de facto Supreme Court of Crimea left Bekirov in custody

April 26, 2019 11:38 0 3251
The de facto Supreme Court of the occupied Crimea rejected the appeal of political prisoner Edem Bekirov, and left the decision of the court of first instance unchanged. Thus, Bekirov's measure of restraint remains the same.

It is reported by the Crimean Solidarity NGO.

The hearing was open.
Edem Bekirov and his lawyer Islyam Velilyayev were participating in hearing via videoconferencing from the Simferopol SIZO.
During the "trial", the defense announced a serious deterioration in Edem Bekirov's health. In addition, Velilyaev noted that under SIZO conditions it is impossible even to pass the defendant a tester for a blood sugar level. Bekirov's diseases contradict with his being in the detention facility.
“The prosecutor’s office says that Bekirov's detention conditions are good, but it does not correspond to reality,” the lawyer said.
In this regard, the defense requested a change in the preventive measure for house arrest, taking into account the serious health condition and the absence of the prosecution itself.
Edem Bekirov, in turn, said that in case of a change in his preventive measure, he could not bear any threat.

How can I prove that I'm sick?” Or do I just die? What threat can come from me, a disabled person of the first group?

The political prisoner also asked the court to put him in the hospital, and then carry out all the necessary investigative procedures, as there are no conditions for treating his disease in the medical unit where he is currently held.
Political prisoner's lawyer added that the de facto prosecutor had announced that investigative measures had been taken, however, during Edem Bekirov's stay in the SIZO, no investigative actions had been taken.

Edem Bekirov has a disability of the first group, diabetes mellitus and one leg amputated, as well as 4 shunts in his heart. The occupation authorities suspect him of committing a crime under Article 222 Part 2 and Art. 222.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia (storage and transfer of explosives and ammunition).

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