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Emil Kurbedinov: “The Russian Federation does not let us to the case of Ervin Ibrahimov”

May 24, 2018 14:30 0 4973 QirimInfo
Two years ago Ervin Ibrahimov, Crimean Tatar, was abducted. QirimInfo talked with Emil Kurbedinov – lawyer, engaged in the Ervin’s case, about why the investigators drag the investigation.

- Why the investigation of Ervin Ibrahimov's case is being dragged?

This is a rhetorical question. We clearly see on video that Ervin is being abducted by men in police uniform. There is every reason to believe that this was made by the state. Therefore, these cases do not find a logical conclusion.

Ervin Ibrahimov was not a businessman, a millionaire, his father is not a bandit. Ervin Ibrahimov is a young man who was engaged exclusively in politics, the questions of the Crimean Tatar people. Ibrahimov is a politician who keeps pace with the Mejlis of the Crimean Tatar people. Shortly before his abduction, he attended the World Congress of Crimean Tatars. He had relations with the Crimean Tatar youth organizations. His work was not related to something criminal.

- You have stated for several times that the investigation committee does not respond to your requests concerning the case.

They do not respond to lawyers’ requests at all. These are the requests that I submit to them in connection with the investigation of this case. And I have to complain to the court to get answers from them. They make them retroactively. I manage to find out about the fate of this case through the court. All this in the aggregate convinces me that the state is strongly not interested in investigating this case. Why? Conclusions are self-explanatory.

- When was the investigation in Ervin`s case suspended?

It`s a popular procedure: making 20 thousand requests to state agencies all over Russia, compiling eight volumes of responses and suspending the case due to inability to find the suspects. That`s all. Case is sent to archive. The issue is neither here nor there.

- Did it happen in September 2017?

There were a lot of suspensions. They simply play with us. Suspend the case. We are saying that we want to familiarize ourselves with the materials of the case, then they resume again, but say that this is secrecy of investigation. Russian Federation denies us access to this case, since we are a party, which actually represents a state, however conducting investigation on our own. We are denied this opportunity as well as objective opportunity to assess what they actually have done there. The last suspension of the case took place in September – October 2017.

- So will this case be “hanging” at the stage of investigation?

Well, we have one instrument, and I think Russia understands this too, namely, the recognition of all these investigations as ineffective by the European Court of Human Rights. The materials of the case are ready for the International Criminal Court. When all the international mechanisms are launched, we will get some answers. For now, the investigation is politically motivated and is not proceeded with, since the state is engaged.


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