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Court extended imprisonment term for individuals of the Hizb ut-Tahrir case from Simferopol to two months

April 10, 2018 15:09 0 5400
On April 10, 2018, in the Supreme Court of Crimea the trial on changing of the preventive measure for the individuals of the Hizb ut-Tahrir case from Simferopol was held.
The trial was in close session. People who came to support the political prisoners complained on presence prohibition on the trial.
After the trial Sergei Legostov and Aider Azamatov, the lawyers, reported that the detention for Teimur Abdullaiev, Uzeir Abdullaiev, Aider Saledinov, Rustem Ismailov, Emil Dzhemadenov was extended for two months more.  
“Investigative bodies’ reasons for the preventive measure extension is formulaic. According to the investigative bodies, they can escape from the investigation due to the Ukrainian citizenship. Also, the investigative bodies claim that it takes much time to explore the case. Thus, just one from eleven units of the case was explored” said Aider Azamatov.
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