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Seven important news about Crimea. Digest 17 - 23 July

July 24, 2017 10:15 0 3162 QirimInfo
Andrii Zakhtei deprived of Russian citizenship, Sevastopol resident sentenced to imprisonment for posting on social networks, «February 26 case»: prosecution finishes bringing indictment.

Andrii Zakhtei deprived of Russian citizenship

17 July. Defendant in the «diversionists case» Andrii Zakhtei was deprived of the Russian citizenship. A source closely familiar with the situation informed this to QirimInfo. According to them, it is linked with the new charges set against Zakhtei.


Polozov: «Russian Unity» party applied for holding a demonstration on February 26 retroactively

18 July. The defense in the «Chiygoz case» continues to study written evidence. Lawyer Polozov noted that, having paid close attention to a sheet of the case #117 in the volume 4, which had been partially studied before, he found mismatching dates.


Sevastopol resident sentenced to imprisonment for posting on social networks

18 July. The Sevastopol resident was sentenced to 1 year and 3 months of imprisonment in a penal settlement under the article related to extremism.


Court in Crimea imprisons ex-Mayor of Kerch for 8 years

July 19. The Kerch city court sentenced ex-Chairman of the municipal administration Serhii Pisarev, accused of taking a large-scale bribe, to 8 years of imprisonment and a fine for a total of RUR 6,4 million.


Draft bill on deprivation of citizenship for terrorism adopted in Russia

19 July. The State Duma of the Russian Federation adopted a draft bill which provides for the deprivation of citizenship for terrorism. The draft bill also simplifies the procedure of obtaining the Russian citizenship for the citizens of Ukraine.


«February 26 case»: prosecution finishes bringing indictment

20 July. The party of prosecution finished bringing indictment in the «February 26 case». Also, during the session of the court, the arrest for defendants in the «February 26 case» Ali Asanov and Mustafa Degermendzhi was prolonged till October 7.


Prosecution partially drops charges in Suleimanov’s case

21 July. The public prosecution dropped the charges incriminated to Suleimanov by the FSB and the airport, but not by the «Morska Dyrektsiya».

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