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Day of Remembrance for Victims of Crimean Tatar Deportation in Crimea. Highlights.

May 18, 2017 14:22 0 2636 QirimInfo
The Russian authorities of the peninsula did their best to prevent the Crimean Tatars from honouring the memory of the victims of Soviet repression.

Today, on May 18, the Russian force structures made all possible efforst to prevent the Crimean Tatars from marking the Day of Remembrance for the Victims of the Crimean Tatar genocide.

Despite the warnings of the Russian prosecutor’s office in the Crimea, which were handed to the Crimean Tatar activists en masse the day before, many Crimean Tatars took on to the streets to honour the memory of the victims of deportation.

Ayshe Umerova published on her Facebook page a photo from Bakhchisarai, showing a car decorated with a St.George ribbon, which blocked access to the memorial shield to the victims of deportation since early morning. 

«A policeman was keeping duty nearby, surrounded by a crowd of policemen without uniform. After a 10-minute dispute they finally drove the car away so we were able to put flowers and say a supplication to honour the memory of all the people who died during those tragic events», – she wrote.

Zair Smedlyayev informed on his Facebook page that the force structures detained Crimean Tatar activists in the central square of Simferopol. It turned out later that among them there had been an elderly person suffering from the Parkinson disease, who had taken on to the square with a Crimean-Tatar flag.

Nariman Dzhelialov informed via Facebook that the police attempted at arresting activist of the Crimean Tatars national movement Suleiman Kadyrov, who came to pay floral tribute to the victims of deportation monument.

The Feodosia policemen mistook Kadyrov for an «organizer of illegal demonstration», and released him after all circumstances had been clarified.

Zair Akadyrov informed on his Facebook page that over a hundred people gathered in the square near the railway station in Simferopol, to pay tribute to the memory of those who died in deportation, and to say a collective prayer. He noted that the automobiles driving by honked horns in solidarity.

QirimInfo reporter informed about the detention of a local journalist, probably representing Krym Tatar Club, near the commemorative stone in Simferopol. In the end, the law-enforcement officers set him free, having copied his personal data from the documents.

Journalist Anton Naumliuk informed via Facebook that Server Kerametov was detained for having held a one-person picket in Lenin Square in Simferopol. Several people were also detained with him.

«They took explanations with regard to holding a non-sanctioned event and let everyone go. After that, about 10 youngsters with a Crimean Tatar flag were delivered to the Central district police deparetment. They are still there », – the journalist wrote.

Ayshe Umerova informed on her Facebook page that the police detained 5 cars driving with the Crimean Tatar flags, in Bakhchisarai.

Yesterday the Crimean Tatar activists en masse received the warnings «on unacceptability of violation of the legislation on counteraction to extremist activities, as well as of the legislation on assemblies, meetings, demonstrations, rallies and pickets», issued by the prosecutor’s office.

Also, the Russian authorities of Simferopol banned the Crimean activists from holding a picket against poitical and religious harassment in the annexed peninsula on May 19.

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