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I’m ready to give up hunger strike if I have no strength to pray namaz, - Ruslan Zeitullayev

April 21, 2017 12:48 0 2020 QirimInfo
The political prisoner has not enough physical strength to participate in the pleadings, which started today.

Ruslan Zeitullayev has been delivered to the court from the remand prison. Journalist Anton Naumliuk has posted this information on Facebook.

The journalist has pointed out that the political prisoner «looks exhausted but holds on tight».

The Crimean Tatar refused to terminate the hunger-strike before the pronouncement of the sentence.

«I am ready to stop the hunger-strike if I don’t have enough strength to pray namaz, if I faint, for instance. I haven’t miss a single one yet,» - Ruslan Zeitullayev has replied.

The medical care service of the remand prison found no medical counterindications for the participation of Zeitullayev in the court session.

«Zeitullayev’s condition is satisfactory, there are no medical grounds against his participation in the court session, weight – 55 kilos, the diagnosis is the elementary abstinence from food,» – stated in the health certificate issued by the medical service of the remand prison.

Zeitullayev cannot participate in the pleadings which started today due to the lack of physical strength. According to the journalist, the court has allowed the political prisoner to pronounce his closing speech when seated.

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