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Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine demands from Russia to release arrested Crimean Tatars

October 14, 2016 13:56 0 3012 QirimInfo
The Ministry of Foreign Affairs considers that they were detained unjustifiably.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Ukraine expressed protest in connection with the last searches in the homes of the Crimean Tatars in occupied Crimea on October 12 and the arrest of five citizens of Ukraine, Crimean Tatar activists Uzeyir and Teimur Abdullayev, Eider Saledinov, Emil Dzhemadinov and Rustem Ismailov. A statement of the department published on its website.

The Ministry assured that, by analogy with the previous higher profile cases, the official basis for their detention became baseless accusations of terrorist activity.

"We are convinced that attempts of the occupant state to hide its own lawlessness and disregard for human rights under the guise of "fight against terrorism and extremism" do not confuse anyone for a long time already. By acting in these ways, Russia implantes terror in the occupied Ukrainian territory in the result of the armed aggression, it sows fear and powerlessness, violates the basic norms of international law, democratic rights and freedoms", – the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs demanded the release of five Crimean Tatars arrested on October 13, as well as other citizens of Ukraine who are imprisoned in the Russian Federation.

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