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August 20 — August 26 News Digest

August 19, 2016 18:09 0 745 QirimInfo
Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Europe to increase pressure on Russia to release Umerov, action «Where is Erwin Ibragimov?» held in Kyiv, letter of Oleg Sentsov from the prison and more.


Sentsov: I would like to be a nail in coffin of the tyrant

August 22. Convicted in Russia Crimean, a citizen of Ukraine Oleg Sentsov is urging people not to try to free him and other Ukrainian prisoners in Russia "at any price". Crimean wrote in his letter, which was posted on Facebook by sister of Sentsov Natalia Kochneva-Kaplan, that it is necessary to use the political prisoners "as a weapon against the enemy."

In August 2015 the court in Russia sentenced Oleg Sentsov to 20 years in prison on charges of planning terrorist attacks in annexed by Russia Crimea. Another person involved in the case – Oleksandr Kolchenko got 10 years of imprisonment in strict-regime prison colonies.

Prisoners themselves and human rights organizations consider the accusation unfounded and politically motivated. Russian human rights center "Memorial" recognized Oleg Sentsov as a political prisoner.


FSB continues to search for Ukrainian «saboteurs» in Crimea

August 23. FSB officers continue to search for two suspects on the case of so-called "Ukrainian saboteurs" in Crimea, NDNews site reports. According pasted orientations, Aleksey Sandulov born in 1983 and Oleg Moskvitin born in 1971 are sought. In general 9 suspects were arrested in Crimea on the so-called case of "Ukrainian saboteurs".


Another search conducted in Crimea

August 23. Security forces searched for religious literature in house of Crimean Tatar Riza Muslimov. FSB drew up a statement after conducting a search. Muslimov was taken away, according to preliminary data, for drug testing.


Russia began large-scale inspection of combat readiness on the border with Ukraine and in Crimea

August 25. Armed forces of the Russian Federation in Southern, Western and Central military districts are on full state of alert.

On August 11, President of Russian Federation Vladimir Putin gathered Security Council, where "scenarios of measures for anti-terrorist security” on Russia's borders with Ukraine "in connection with the prevention of terrorist attacks by security services of Russia in Crimea" were discussed.


Action «Where is Erwin Ibragimov?» held in Kyiv

August 25. Action "Where is Erwin Ibragimov” was held at the Russian embassy in Kyiv on August 25. Such an action has already been carried out earlier, and it is intended to draw attention to the problem of abductions of people in Crimea.

Several dozen people came out with signs, on which the names of more than a dozen missing in Crimea have been written. Activists will come on the 25th of each month to honor the memory and to draw attention to the problem.


Kolchenko is in punishment cell the fourth day

August 25. A member of the Public Oversight Commission of Chelyabinsk region of the Russian Federation Tatiana Shur said that Ukrainian political prisoner is in a punishment cell for 4 days for violating the dress code. Consul is not allowed to Ukrainian political prisoner and letters not transmitted to him.


Ministry of Foreign Affairs calls on Europe to increase pressure on Russia to release Umerov

August 26. The Ministry of Foreign Affairs requested the partner countries to urge Russia to stop the persecution and to release the deputy chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov. In turn, the head of the MFA Pavlo Klimkin will raise this issue at the next meeting of the OSCE on September 1 in Germany.

Also the ministry demands from the occupation authorities to stop repressions against Umerov and to release him.

In May 2016 Umerov was arrested by the FSB. He was charged with calls to violate Russia's territorial integrity, and was released on his own recognizance. On August 11 Umerov was hospitalized with hypertensive crisis, an ambulance took the deputy chairman of the Mejlis from the courtroom of Kyiv district court, which addressed the issue of compulsory forensic psychiatric examination. In a few days the FSB operatives took Umerov from the hospital and transferred him to a psychiatric hospital, where he is the eighth day in a row.


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