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Digest of the most important incident of last week. Chronicle August 7 — August 12

August 12, 2016 18:08 0 2665
Russia closed administrative border with Crimea, case of so-called «saboteurs», UN Security Council meeting on Crimea and another news related to the main incident of last week.

Russia closed administrative border with Crimea

August 7. Citizen's pass was suspended on the administrative border between the occupied Crimea and Kherson region.

"Today, about 7 a.m. the Russian occupation authorities suspended passing operations of citizens and vehicles on the administrative border with Crimea for unknown reasons ", - UASBGS informs.

For this reason, a pass from Kherson region on checkpoints "Kalanchak", "Chaplynka" and "Chongar" on the territory of temporarily occupied Autonomous Republic of Crimea is not carried out.


Internet off in the north of Crimea

August 8. Internet was off in Djankoj, Krasnoperekopsk and Pervomaisky district of Crimea. Also Internet is absent in Armiansk and Krasnogvardeyskoje. According to local residents, in Armyansk can not withdraw money from ATMs.

The operator of technical support "Krymtelekom" Russian company referred to the accident in Dzhankoy. The site provider SkyLine published and then deleted the news that the Internet was disconnected at the request of the special services.

"At the request of state authorities in connection with the operation to intercept the perpetrators of the attack on the border service employees, "quiet mode" introduced. Between the night from Sunday to Monday access to the Internet with limited on the northern part of Crimea from all providers, both wired and wireless mobile connection". – the message of the provider informed.


Crimean media: Ukrainian saboteurs wanted in Crimea

August 9. Alleged document fragment, containing information about armed clash of employees of Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation in Crimea and allegedly Ukrainian subversive reconnaissance group near village Suvorovo of Dzhankoj region was published.

Clashes occurred on August 7 at 3 a. m. Report on collision allegedly received by the Center for Rapid Response of the Ministry of Internal Affairs via closed communication channel at 4:30. Also orientation on the wanted published about already five people in camouflage wanted, from the Russian "interior minister" of Crimea Sergej Abisov.

According to the National Deputy of Ukraine Anton Gerashchenko, in Crimea deserters with arms who can go to the territory of continental Ukraine are being caught. According to him, Russian "authorities" of Crimea thinks that deserters could be a source of information for the Ukrainian authorities, and therefore work of checkpoints on the administrative border was restricted.


All checkpoints resumed their work on administrative border

August 10. Russian border guards have fully resumed the work in front of the control points of entry and exit "Chongar", "Kalanchak" and "Chaplynka".

"As at 8:00 a.m. there were about 70 cars on the exit checkpoints of mainland Ukraine, and 40 cars on the entry checkpoint "Chongar". 40 and 10 vehicles are waiting for passing on checkpoints "Chaplynka" and "Kalanchak", — it is said in the State Border Service of Ukraine report.

It is noted that people who went to the peninsula, could not cross the administrative border more than a day.


FSB accused Ukraine of the attack on Crimea

August 10. Russian Federal Security Service has accused the General Intelligence Office of Ukraine of the preparation of terrorist acts on the territory of the peninsula.

"Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation prevented the commission of terrorist attacks in the Republic of Crimea prepared by the General Intelligence Office of the Ministry of Defence, whose objects identified critically important elements of infrastructure and livelihood of the peninsula", — it is said in a statement.Also the FSB announced the detention of alleged employee DIU Panov Evgeny Alexandrovich, a resident of Energodar.


Russia called last name of another person arrested in Crimea

August 11. Russia's Foreign Ministry issued a statement, which refers to the name of another arrested in occupied Crimea on charges of preparing terrorist acts on the territory of the peninsula.

"As a result of measures held by the Russian side on the territory of the Republic of Crimea intelligence network of the General Intelligence Office of the Ministry of Defence eliminated. Persons, the citizens of Ukraine and Russia, detained, they assisted in the preparation of terrorist acts. Among them are Evgenij Aleksandrovych Panov and Andrej Romanovich Zahtej. They all are confessing", — it is said in a statement.


UN Security Council held meeting on Crimea

August 11. The UN Security Council on August 11th held a closed meeting on the situation in Crimea. All the member states of the UN Security Council took the position of support for Ukraine's territorial integrity and non-recognition of the annexation of Crimea, besides the Russian Federation, Permanent Representative of Ukraine to the United Nations Volodymyr Elchenko said.

"We commend the Security Council that it confirmed the strong position regarding respect for the territorial integrity and independence of Ukraine, including Crimea, unconditionally and without questions. Of course, one country did not express such a position", — the diplomat said.

Elchenko also said that the Red Cross, the OSCE and the UN mission on Human Rights sent a request to the Russian Federation for entry to Crimea and to gain access to suspects in the organization of terrorist attacks.

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