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Mass arrest of parishioners in Crimean mosque

May 06, 2016 14:07 0 2898 QirimInfo
Armed security forces detained more than 100 Muslims.

Armed men took away more than 100 Muslims from a mosque in Simferopol district in an unknown direction, after prayer. The lawyer Emile Kurbedinov reports it on his Facebook page.

"We got an information that from 30 to 50 armed men raided the mosque, located in the village Molodizhne of Simferopol district, after Jumu'ah. As it is reported, more than 100 Muslims are taken away in an unknown direction", – Kurbedinov writes.

Soon, they let people out of buses, but all Muslims were obliged to come to the police station.

"They had to let everybody out of buses. However, Muslims are instructed to come to the police station by themselves", – the lawyer added.

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