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August 31 News Digest

August 31, 2015 19:08 0 699 QirimInfo
Today's most important stories from and about Crimea: support for annexation decreasing in Russia, Russian artists supporting Sentsov and other news.

Support for annexation of Crimea decreasing in Russia

According to the latest poll by Levada Center, the number of Russian thinking the annexation of Crimea has caused favorable results has decreased from 70% a year ago to 59%, while the number of Russians opposing the annexation has increased by 6% to 23%. Experts say that a year of experiencing the economic and political consequences was the main factor behind this change.

300 Russian artists asked to check the information about tortures against Sentsov

More than 300 Russian film makers, actors and journalists, including Boris Khlebnikov and Valery Todorovsky and many others, have signed a petition to Russian president’s Council for Civil Society and Human Rights asking to confirm or deny the information about tortures used against Ukrainian film maker Oleg Sentsov, who was recently sentenced to 20 years of prison.

UEFA president might visit Crimea

UEFA president Michel Platini has said he might visit Crimea to watch the games of the local league. Crimea has recently launched its own championship, since the local teams are banned from playing in Russian football leagues.

Temporary bridges to be built across the Kerch Strait

Russia has started building temporary bridges that will be used for transporting materials and equipment during the construction of the main bridge. These three bridges are expected to be finished by summer 2016, while the main bridge is supposed to be finished by 2018.

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