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June 15-19 News Digest: Top 7 Stories about Crimea

June 19, 2015 18:17 0 3264
QirimInfo has selected this week’s most important Crimea-related stories

Turkish delegation has discovered cases of human rights violation in Crimea  

June 16. Unofficial Turkish Delegation has published a report based on the spot study of alleged human rights violations in Crimea it has conducted in April and delivered this report to Russia. Described in the report are numerous abuses related to the freedom of speech, judicial matters, education, inviolability of property and housing.    


The Ministry of Internal Affairs of Ukraine has created a department for Crimea  

June 17. Ukraine’s Ministry of Internal Affairs has created a special police department for Crimea. Minister Arsen Avakov said that the department will be based in Odesa and Kherson and will be headed by Ivan Katerynchuk, the former head of police in Odesa oblast.    


Crimean Prosecutor General’s office is trying to strip Kostenko’s lawyer of his lawyer’s status  

June 17. Natalia Poklonskaya, Crimea’s illegitimate Prosecutor General, is trying to strip Dmitry Sotnikov of his lawyer’s status. Sotnikov is the defense lawyer for Euromaidan activist Alexander Kostenko who was convicted in Crimea for attacking Berkut officers in Kyiv. According to Sotnikov, he is being accused of “disrespectful statements” regarding Crimean law enforcement officials and Poklonskaya in particular. Sotnikov says that the real reason for persecution is to prevent him from helping with Kostenko’s appeal.    


Crimean Tatar channel ATR has resumed broadcasting  

June 18. After its failure to get a Russian license ATR has resumed broadcasting in mainland Ukraine. Its studios and archive will be based in Kyiv with a part of the staff moving to the capital of Ukraine. Crimean viewers will be able to access ATR using satellite television. Earlier Roskomnadzor, Russia’s official body overseeing media, has refused to renew ATR’s license, forcing the channel to stop broadcasting in Crimea on April 1.    


ATR’s cameraman released from custody

June 18. Cameraman for Crimean Tatar channel ATR Eskender Nebiev has been released from custody on bail after Mufti of Crimea Emirali Ablaev has vouched for him. Nebiev was arrested in April for participating in a rally near the office of Crimean parliament.    


EU has extended sanctions on Crimea by a year  

June 19. The EU has agreed to extend economic sanctions on Crimea and Sevastopol to June 23, 2016. Sanctions include a ban on importing Crimean goods to the EU, investing in Crimea, providing tourism services on the peninsula and selling certain groups of goods and technologies to Crimean companies.    


Russia is to restrict the import of chicken meat to Crimea   June 19. Russia’s Federal Service for Veterinary and Phytosanitary Surveillance has announced that it will restrict import of chicken meat from mainland Ukraine to Crimea from July 1. According to its officials, the goal is to prevent Ukraine from re-exporting meat from the US, Canada and European countries to Crimea.    

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