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May 21 — May 27 News Digest

May 27, 2016 15:56 0 2019 QirimInfo
Member of regional Mejlis is missing in Crimea, New searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars in Crimea, FSB officers came to school to «talk» with Crimean Tatar schoolchildren, and more.

Russia redeploys another batch of fighters and bombers to annexed Crimea

May 23. Russia has decided to redeploy tens crews of fighters and military aircrafts on the planes MiG-29 SMT and Su-34 to train to occupied Crimea


Poroshenko urged Council of Europe to step up pressure on Russia because of new wave of repressions in Crimea

May 23. Ukrainian President held a meeting with Secretary General of the Council of Europe Thorbjorn Jagland. During a meeting with Council of Europe Secretary General Thorbjorn Jagland President of Ukraine Petro Poroshenko urged the Council of Europe to to step up pressure on Russia in connection with the systemic violations of human rights in the annexed Crimea.


Member of regional Mejlis is missing in Crimea

May 25. In the morning of May 25th, Erwin Ibragimov was to go with his family to Sudak, but did not come to meeting, and his car was left staying open in front of a porch. Since then he does not get in touch. 

The Mejlis made a statement in connection with the abduction of Erwin Ibragimov. The Mejlis called on the EU, the Council of Europe, other international organizations, governments of UN member states to respond to every crime committed by the occupation authorities on the peninsula till de-occupation of Crimea.

The Investigative Committee of the Russian Federation in Crimea on the third day after missing of Erwin Ibragimov put him on the wanted list and opened a criminal case onthis fact.


New searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars in Crimea

May 26. In the morning of May 26th, Russian security forces conducted searches in the homes of Crimean Tatars in Crimea again. In particular, searches were conducted in Kamenka of Simferopol district, where mostly the Crimean Tatars live.

Timur Osmanov, Hayser Khalilov and Aider Haltaev were taken to Center for counteraction to extremism.  They had been staying without food all day long. Also the awyers were not allowed to come to them.

The detainees were released from the center "E" only at night. They stayed there since 7.00 a.m. of May26th till 2.00 a.m. of May 27th.


FSB to interrogate children of Ilmi Umerov

May 27. FSB officers in Simferopol summoned children of the Deputy Chairman of the Mejlis Ilmi Umerov for questioning. The interrogation is scheduled for today.

A criminal case under article "extremism" was opened against Ilmi Umerov. The deputy Chairman of the Mejlis had to sign recognizance not to leave and a pledge of secrecy.


FSB officers came to school to «talk» with Crimean Tatar schoolchildren

May 27. Students were called one by one with their parents into the room and were asked about May holidays, in particular, whether they put on the St. George's ribbons on the 9th of May, where they wore and why put them off.

The parents asked why the conversation was started in the Crimean Tatar class, FSB replied that it was a planned activity and supposedly would interrogate everyone, but started with 9th class.


G7 leaders affirmed their condemnation of annexation of Crimea

May 27. Leaders of "G7" reaffirmed the need to resolve the crisis in Ukraine through diplomatic channels in compliance with international law, according to the declaration of the summit, which was held in the Japanese city Ise-Shima,

It is noted that "G7" affirmed the position of condemnation the annexation of the Crimean peninsula, and spoke up for keeping sanctions against everybody who involved in it.




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