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Crimean authorities to sell Kolomoyskyi’s health resort

October 13, 2015 13:51 0 2282 QirimInfo
The starting price for the nationalized “Phoros” is $23m.

De facto authorities of Crimea have decided to sell by auction a “Phoros” health resort in Yalta that previously belonged to Ukrainian oligarch Ihor Kolomoyskyi, but was nationalized after the annexation of the peninsula.

According to Crimea.Realities, the decision to sell it was made today during a meeting of Crimean government.

“Decision to alienate the property of Republic of Crimea with total initial cost of RUB 1,421,474,000 (including VAT)… by conducting an open auction,” says the government’s statement.

To participate in the auction one need to grant an advance of 20% (about RUB 284m or $4.7m), that “will not be refunded in case the winner of the auction refuses to buy the property”.


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