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The “court” in Crimea found Refat Chubarov guilty of “organizing mass civil unrest” 

June 01, 2021 12:18 0 2229
On June 1, the Russia-controlled Supreme Court of Crimea found Refat Chubarov, head of the Crimean Tatar Mejlis, “guilty” in absentia and “sentenced” him to 6 years in a standard regime penal colony. 

This information comes from the "Crimean Solidarity," whose reporters attended the courtroom. 

In Crimea, the Russia-controlled "court" found Refat Chubarov guilty under part 1, article 212 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (organizing mass civil unrest). 

The Russian prosecutor’s office demanded that Chubarov was sentenced to 9 years of imprisonment. 

In addition to that, the "court" found Chubarov "guilty" under parts 1 and 2 of article 280.1 of the Criminal Code of Russia (public calls to actions, directed against the territorial integrity of Russia), fined him 200 thousand RUB, and sentenced him to 200 hours of corrective labor. However, due to the decriminalization of this Criminal Code article in Russia, the "court" "released" Chubarov from punishment. 

According to the commentary for the “Crimean Solidarity” by Aleksandr Osokin, an appointed defender for Refat Chubarov, the defense does not agree with the decisions because the "court" hearing included multiple procedural violations. In addition, according to the defense, the "court" ignored the witness statements. 

"In this criminal case, 108 witnesses for the prosecution and around 80 victims have been registered. The defense addressed the same question to all of them: do they have any information, as opposed to guesses and assumptions, that it was Chubarov who organized [the mass civil unrest – ed.]? Almost no one answered this question affirmatively. Five people said that they allegedly heard Chubarov calling for violence, but the defense provided ten witnesses who rejected the statements of those five,” – said Aleksandr Osokin. 

The defense will appeal against this "sentence" within ten days. 

As we informed earlier, according to the Russian authorities, Chubarov allegedly organized “mass civil unrest” during the demonstration near the building of the Verkhovna Rada of Crimea on February 26, 2014. 

That day thousands of Ukrainian activists (mostly Crimean Tatars) came to the Crimean parliament demanding the preservation of the territorial integrity of Ukraine. 

Refat Chubarov, who lives on the territory of mainland Ukraine, has previously stated multiple times that Russian persecutions against him are part of a general policy of repressions against Crimean Tatars. 

Office of the Prosecutor of the Autonomous Republic of Crimea and Sevastopol started investigating the illegal criminal persecution of Chubarov by the Russian authorities. 

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