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„Tends to violation of instructions and propaganda“: POC Kolomiyets not provided with needed medical aid in penal colony

February 18, 2019 16:57 0 714
The Condition of POC Andrey Kolomiyets is detereorating, since he is denied medical aid in the penal colony.

This was reported by Crimean Human Rights Group.

„Andrey Kolomiyets, citizen of Ukraine, sentenced by a Crimean ‘court’ after the events on Maidan in Kiev, according to a survey in the Krasnodar penal colonoy shows ‘tendencies towards violations of instructions and propaganda’“, the human rights activists state.

According to the prisoner’s wife Galina Kolomiyets, who visited her husband from February 11 – 13 2019 in the penal colony, authorities decline to employ him for labour because of the survey.

Moreover, the woman reported a deterioration of her husband’s health, who continues to suffer from headaches and, since recently, a strong stomach ache. He has also developped a psoriasis.

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