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«Rosatom» confessed that supplied equipment for Crimean thermal power stations

July 14, 2016 12:27 0 2150 QirimInfo
Now Russian state corporation are threatened Western sanctions.

Russian state corporation "Rosatom" confessed that it became the supplier of equipment for TPS, which company "Tekhnopromexport" (part of another Russian state corporation "Rostec") builds in Crimea.

So, in May, one of the enterprises, which is a part of "Rosatom", won the tender for the supply of equipment to Sevastopol and Simferopol TPS. "Rosatom" announced its business interests in Crimea in annual report for 2015, according to "Kommersant".

How the purchase of equipment for the Crimean TPS was carried out, is not completely clear: according to the publication, there are no documentary evidence of equipment deliveries.

"The only contracts, that could match called by "Rosatom" conditions, look like the purchase for TPS in Taman", — the newspaper writes.

Until now, "Rosatom" managed to avoid Western sanctions, but now risks for the state corporation have become more serious. Since the end of 2014 Crimean energy projects for all suppliers are risky as they come under US and EU sanctions.

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