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«Ombudsman» of Crimea was showed not real conditions of Umerov’s detention

September 01, 2016 12:44 0 2291 QirimInfo
According to Umerov’s daughter Aishe, so-called «Ombudsman» Ludmila Lubina did not see anything in the department, except the yard.

The so-called "Ombudsman" of Crimea Ludmila Lubina visited Ilmi Umerov, who is forcibly held in a psychiatric hospital in Simferopol. But not all the conditions of his detention were showed to her. It is reported by "Information Center on Human Rights" referring to Facebook of Umerov’s daughter Aishe.

Lubina visited Umerov in response to the request of the Ukrainian Ombudsman Valeria Lutkovska to organize inspection of conditions of detention and his health status. She was in the hospital, accompanied by the deputy chief doctor Svetlana Dymshits.

According to Aishe Umerova, doctors assured Lubina that Umerov did not faint, and test results were ostensibly normal.

"That is, they give themselves away writing fake results. We have repeatedly spoken about it. Well, of course, we did not expect anything else from them", – Umerova wrote.

Also the deputy chief doctor assured the Ombudsman that he is alone in the ward, and that she heard for the first time that three other persons have been brought to him.

Doctors believe that the decision of the court to appoint a psychiatric examination for Umerov entered into force, but, according to the daughter of the deputy chairman of the Mejlis, the decision was appealed, but it has not yet been considered and, accordingly, his detention in a psychiatric hospital is illegal.

In response Lubina offered to talk with lawyers, to "advise" them according to the norms of the CCP.

"Lubina did not see anything in the department, except the yard, and she did not have an excursion in the wards and toilets of the department. But, no doubt, they will write an excellent report on the basis of that doctors have told her", – Umerova stressed.

Earlier Umerov’s relatives claimed that conditions in the psychiatric hospital, such as interrupted eating patterns, poor sanitary state, the lack of skilled medical care, pose an imminent threat to life of Ilmi Umerov, and it are torture and inhuman treatment.

Ilmi Umerov was taken to the ninth department of the stationary forensic psychiatric examination for persons who are not in custody. It is planed to detain him there till September 7.

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