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„Crimean tax authority“ searching for „freelance tax evaders“ via calls on the internet and media

March 09, 2019 08:38 0 1311
The „Federal tax authority“ of occupied Crimea announced the launching of a „list of measures“ aimed towards the disclosure of freelancers who allegedly evade tax declaration.

This was reported by media sources on russian-occupied Crimea.

„Monitoring of internet-resources, print media and further means of mass information on the distribution of information about the services of private teachers, barbers, masseurs, organisers of leisure programs, photo and video – pictures, manicure, maintenance of appartments, production of pastry and so forth is being undertaken at the moment.  Simultaneously, we are registrating persons who will be checked by the tax authorities“, it says in the message of the „tax authority“ of occupied Crimea.

The tax authority is having conversations with the busted freelancers. They are lecutred on the law and requested to independently declare their revenues.

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