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Zaur Smirnov to testify in court in «Chiygoz case»

June 08, 2017 18:36 0 1041 QirimInfo
After a long discussion the judges agreed to summon him for an interrogation.

The judges agreed to summon Zaur Smirnov as a witness for an interrogation. Lawyer Mykola Polozov informed this on Facebook.

«After the interrogation of another witness the defense filed a petition to interrogate Zaur Smirnov as a witness. After a long discussion the judges agreed to summon him, having set the time and date of the interrogation – 9.30 a.m., June 19. If he fails to appear in court voluntarily, he will be escorted there by police», – the lawyer wrote.

The defense also filed a claim to summon Volodymyr Konstantynov, the judges turned it down, having demanded the defense should provide Konstantynov’s written consent.

«Also, the court repeatedly denied to satisfy the claim on summoning Olha Kovitidi, although she had previously given her consent for an interrogation to the investigators», – Polozov informed.

After that, the defense petitioned to summon Kovitidi for the third time, but the court denied again.

«The judges once again turned down the petition, having stated the lack of proper substantiation of the filed petition as a ground. The court also refused to summon Tsekov, under the same reasons», – Polozov added.

The next session of the court is scheduled for Tuesday, June 13.

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