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EU imposes additional sanctions on Russia due to Siemens scandal

July 26, 2017 15:56 0 1464 QirimInfo
The EU Ambassadors added four people and three subjects to the sanctions list.

Today, on July 26, the EU Ambassadors agreed to expand sanctions against the Russian Federation in connection with the scandal related to the shipment of the Siemens gas turbines. This was reported by Espresso with a reference to the Radio Liberty reporter in Brussels Rikard Jozwiak.

«The European Union Ambassadors agreed to add four people and three subjects to their list of sanctions against Russia after the scandal with the Siemens gas turbines», – the reporter wrote.

Important to note, the German company Siemens intends to investigate the violation of the contract by the Russian company Technopromexport. The latter purchased the Siemens turbines and delivered them to the Crimea, thus having broken their promise that it wouldn’t occur. 

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