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Steshenko, previously abducted by Russian law-enforcers, convicted

August 21, 2018 21:03 0 1363
On July 26, 2018 the de facto Central district court of the city of Simferopol convicted Kharkiv resident Oleksandr Steshenko, who had been previously abducted by the Russian law-enforcers.

Steshenko has been sentenced to 2 years of deprivation of freedom in the penal colony settlement over Part 2 of Article 167 of the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation (“deliberate demolition or damaging somebody else’s property, committed from molester motives, by arson, explosion or other commonly dangerous way of causing considerable damage”).

Oleksandr Steshenko is held in the remand prison of Simferopol, where he was visited by lawyer Kostyantyn Rustemov. The sentence has not entered into legal force yet. According to Steshenko, after on April 24 the de facto law-enforcers took him away from the detention center for administrative offenders in Simferopol in a vehicle with no number plates, he was held in some basement for a month and a half, although, officially, the restraint against Steshenko was a non-leave obligation.

Steshenko could not identify his whereabouts in that period, as they put a sack on his head whenever transporting him. Oleksandr Steshenko declared that he was forced to testify under pressure. According to the convict, tortures in the form of electric shock and beating were wielded against him. Alongside with that, lawyer Kostyantyn Rustemov noted that he didn’t notice traces of tortures on Steshenko, visible at the first sight. 

Important to note, Kharkiv resident Oleksandr Steshenko called his mother at about 11 on April 11 and informed that he was being detained by the officers of the borderline service of the FSB Russia at entrance-departure checkpoint ‘Chonhar’.

The officers voiced the reason for the detention being the problem with Oleksandr’s passport photo, anthough he already traveled with this passport, also to the Crimea.

On April 24, the lawyer found Steshenko in the detention center – he was to be released on the same day at 10 pm after he had served the 12-day administrative arrest. In the eyes of the lawyer, who waited for Steshenko at the exit, they put Oleksandr in a car with no number plates and drove in an unknown direction.

On May 21, the official website of the FSB published information about the “uncovering of an extremist group”, the aim of which allegedly was the “intimidation of the Crimean Tatars with pro-Russian moods and escalating of interethnic tension at the territory of the Republic of Crimea”, in which Steshenko also participated: “activity in an extremist group created by Erol Veliyev, assistant to the Verkhovna Rada deputy M. Dzhemilev, under the order of leader of the provibited in the Russian Federation Medjis of the Crimean Tatar People R.Chubarov, who is on the wanted list, with the support of the SBU.”

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