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Supreme court of Crimea abolishes resolution of Alushta city court on journalist Nazimov’s case

June 19, 2017 13:52 0 749 QirimInfo
Previously, Nazimov was restricted in the terms of studying the criminal case materials.

The Supreme Court of the Crimea abolished the resolution of the Alushta city court on restriction of the terms for studying the materials of the criminal case with regard to journalist Oleksii Nazimov. Lawyer Oleksii Ladin told this in a comment for QirimInfo.

Previously, in April this year, under the claim filed by the investigator, the Alushta city court resolved to restrict Nazimov in the terms of studying the criminal case materials. The resolution claimed Nazimov was deliberately delaying the time of studying the said documents.

 «The criminal case consists of 8 volumes. The 9th volume hadn’t been formed, at the moment of studying, and the complication of studying lies in the fact that there are many audio-records in the case, which should necessarily be verified against their text versions. As Nazimov remains in custody, he never refused to study the case materials. There was no deliberate delay», – the lawyer clarified.

The lawyer noted that the defense had an impression that Nazimov and Strepanchenko were deliberately restricted in an opportunity to analyze the audio materials, as, if it’s proved that there are the voices of Nazimov and Stepanchenko in the audio, it’s vitally important that the print-outs should correspond with the audio records.

 «The resolution of the Alushta city court on the restriction was made by the same judge who started consideration of the criminal case at merits at present moment. She had in fact already taken one illegal decision, which was abolished by the upper instances», – Ladin added.

Nazimov and Stepanchenko were arrested in October 2016. They are incriminated with soliciting and mediation in commercial bribery. The detained deputy actively criticized the new authorities of the Crimea for the development of the Alushta waterfront and the inability to solve the problems in the city. Tvoya Gazeta covered the protests in Alushta in detail.

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