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Convict Andrii Luhin transported from Crimea after surgery

May 05, 2017 14:14 0 1554 QirimInfo
Previously, he slashed his wrists as a protest.

Convict Andrii Luhin, who wanted to serve punishment in mainland Ukraine, was sent by the prison transport to, presumably, the Krasnodar Territory, and from there he will be sent further to the penal colony in Mordovia. Luhin’s wife Irina informed this to the Crimean Human Rights Group.

 «After Andrii Luhin had committed a suicide attempt, he had a surgery in the hospital #6 in Simferopol. He stayed there from April 26 till May 2. Later, he was discharged and sent to the medical unit of the Simferopol remand prison for further observance of the local medical staff», – the Crimean HR Group informs with a reference to the medical assessment  report, provided by Luhin’s wife.

The report also states Luhin was to have his stitches removed on May 5. However, according to Mrs.Luhina, her husband was transported to Russia already on May 3, without the deployable team, not having removed the stitches.

Irina hasn’t been officially informed on her husband’s whereabouts. She presumes that he was transported to the Krasnodar Territory, and from there he will be sent further to the penal colony in Mordovia.

Important to note, on April 26, Crimean resident Andrii Luhin, being in the remand prison in Simferopol, attempted to slash his wrists with a sharp object when he had learned he was to be convoyed to one of the penal colonies of the Russian Federation.

Crimean resident, citizen of Ukraine Andrii Luhin was found guilty in a criminal case and convicted for the life-time imprisonment before the occupation of the Crimea. He served punishment in the Crimea for several years, after which he was illegally transferred from the temporarily occupied territory of the Crimea to the penal colony in Mordovia (the Russian Federation), and returned back to the Crimea in January 2017. His appeals to hand him over to the authorities of Ukraine as a Ukrainian citizen have been ignored.

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