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HR Commissioner in Crimea denies plea by Chiygoz to see his terminally ill mother

June 19, 2017 18:12 0 1225 QirimInfo
Chiygoz’s party of defense is appealing to the international organizations for help.

Lawyer Mykola Polozov published the claim on the issue of providing Akhtem Chiygoz an opportunity to see and bid farewell to his severely ill mother.

 «Today I got a phone call from Human Rights Commissioner in the Crimea Liudmyla Lubina with a message from Russian Ombudsman Tatyana Moskalkova who informed that the meeting could take place only in case Akhtem Chiygoz’s sick mother was delivered to Simferopol by an ambulance vehicle to the remand prison», – Polozov told.

Akhtem Chiygoz’s relatives informed that a representative of Russia’s MFA had arrived to the place of residence of Akhtem Chiygoz’s mother, with an offer to visit her son in Simferopol.

The lawyer noted that this decision was no different from the one the court had taken two weeks ago, that no one would take Akhtem Chiygoz out of the remand prioson.

«Aliye Chiygoz is now unable to get up from bed, any transportation would kill her. In connection with that, we continue our efforts to achieve fulfillment of the sacred right to bid farewell to his mother for Akhtem Chiygoz», – the lawyer said.

The lawyer called on the Russian Ombudsman and HR Commissioner, as well as on the international organizations, to facilitate organization of a meeting between the political prisoner and his sick mother.

Important to note, lawyer Mykola Polozov informed that the Russia-backed Supreme Court of the Crimea once again declined the petition of the defense on providing Akhtem Chiygoz an opportunity to see his mother, who had long been suffering from an uncurable illness.

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