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Simferopol police detain participants of action against children camp’s nationalization

June 26, 2017 17:55 0 1570 QirimInfo
The activists were delivered to the local police department.

Today, on June 26, the police officers in Simferopol detained several dozen Crimeans who came to the demonstration against nationalization of the «Saliut» children’s camp. Activist Illia Bolshedvorov published  a video of the police detaining the protesters, on his Facebook page .

According to the activist, the demonstration hadn’t been sanctioned by the local authorities.

 «Members of the trade union of the Culture of the Republic of Crimea came out to the Lenin Square in Simferopol for the participation in a public event, previously coordinated with the municipal authorities. The organizers <…> were unfound in the square. It was decided to wait for them. No event was held before their arrival. No one unfolded posters, handed out leaflets, or chanted slogans. Comrade Lieutenant-Colonel of police Nikitin appeared and gave <…> an illegal order to detain everyone and to deliver them to the police department», – Bolshedvorov posted on Facebook.

The activist informed one of the detainees felt bad in the district police department. She was taken away by the ambulance.

Previously, the Crimean Human Rights Group informed that activist Illia Bolshedvorov tried to coordinate with the local authorites holding a picket against the illegal nationalization of the «Saliut» children’s camp, but in vain.

The Russian authorities of the Crimea grounded their refusal by referring to some other public events which had been coordinated to be conducted on that very day at the same time and place.

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