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Military men, private military companies participate in February 26 events

July 17, 2017 17:45 0 1197 QirimInfo
The participation of the military men was confirmed in court documentally.

Today, on July 17, in the course of the 143rd court hearing in the framework of Akhtem Chiygoz’s case, the defense continues to present written evidence out of the case materials. Lawyer Mykola Polozov informed this in a video-appeal which he posted on Facebook.

The documents which were sent to the investigator of the «E-Center» (Center for Counteraction to Extremism) were studied in the court today.

«The documents said that, on the day prior to the arrest of Akhtem Chiygoz, and on the day of his arrest, the FSB officers had sent the investigator the documents on operative-investigative measures, containing apparently defiling, false information about Akhtem Chiygoz personally <…> as well as the information about the events of February 26, where Akhtem Chiygoz was already labelled an organizer of mass riots, although the mass riots case hadn’t even been started yet at that moment, on February 27», – the lawyer told.

The defense remains convinced that they deliberately demonized Akhtem Chiygoz in those documents to make it easier for the investigator and the court to choose the pre-trial measure.

Polozov noted that a certain document from Sevastopol seems the most curious. It says that two organizations from Sevastopol participated in the February 26 events: the private military company «Black Sea», and the Terek Cossacks of Sevastopol.

«The first of the mentioned companies is a military organization, the second one is militarized, and this definitely fit into the circumstances which had been considered during the court investigation, that after the arrival of a group of people from Sevastopol, the pro-Russian demonstrants started behaving more actively, more aggressively, and began to use violence», – the lawyer told.

Mykola Polozov added that the investigation had never tried to fact-find the said circumstances.

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