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One more monument to «Little green men» set up in Crimea

June 03, 2016 11:55 0 3203 QirimInfo
Official opening of the monument to occupiers is scheduled for June 11th.

A monument to Russian soldiers seized the Crimea was set up in Simferopol, according to RIA Krym.

The monument was set up on the initiative of the father of the Russian head of Crimea Valery Aksenov, on donations. The official opening of the monument to the occupants in Crimea is scheduled for June 11th. The sculpture was created in the image of the soldier of the Russian army, who took part in the occupation of Crimea.


















Earlier a monument to "polite people" was opened in Bakhchisaray, its composition is a Russian soldier, who keeps a cat in his arms.

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