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Court sends police reports on «Bakhchisarai auto rally» case back for fixing

May 19, 2017 16:12 0 1312 QirimInfo
The drivers face a fine for the Crimean Tatar flag.

Today, on May 19, judges of the Bakhchisarai district court Herman Atamaniuk and Vasyl Koshelev returned the police reports against five Crimean Tatars for the elimination of flaws. QirimInfo reported informed this.

Lawyer Dzhemil Temishev explained what mistakes had been made when drawing up the reports, in a video appeal published on Facebook.

 «The court decided that all the circumstances needed for considering the administrative materials in court, mainly, the structure of the administrative offence – the object, the subject, the objective party, the subjective party – haven’t been presented in the report in full scope. At present,  the materials have been returned to the official who compiled them, for the elimination of these flaws», – Temishev told.

Yesterday, the local police officers stopped 5 automobiles, which moved one after another. A large Crimean Tatar flag  was hoisted on the leading car.

The drivers, having seen the police patrol, took off the flag and hid it in the car. However, the police stopped them anyway, took the drivers’ documents and drew up a report under Part 5 of Article 20.2 (violation of the set order of conducting an assembly, a meeting, a demonstration, a rally or a picket by a participant of a public event, except the cases described in the Part 6 of this Article, entails an administrative fine in the amount of 10 to 20 thousand rubles, or obligatory works for the term of up to 40 hours).

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