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Court declines appeals against prolongation of arrests for defendants in «Hizb ut-Tahrir case». How it happened

April 20, 2017 19:26 0 1236 QirimInfo
The decisions on the appeals of Muslim Aliyev, Arsen Dzhepparov, Vadym Siruk and Refat Alimov have been reported.

Today, on April 20, the Supreme Court of the Crimea declined the appeals against the prolongation of arrest for the defendants in Yalta «Hizb ut-Tahrir case». All the court sessions passed in the closed regime.

Muslim Aliyev’s lawyer Serhii Lehostov stated that the court had no legal grounds to hold closed sessions. The lawyer sees the reason for the sessions to have been held in the closed regime in the fact that the court didn’t want the public to hear the arguments set by the prosecution and the defense.

«I would like to turn the attention to the following fact – in the appealed resolution, the court didn’t motivate or state that the defense had petitioned for the house arrest of Aliyev. The law claims that the defense and the prosecution are equal before the law. The petition of the prosecution to prolong keeping Aliyev in custody was considered by the court, but the petition filed by Aliyev and his defense on changing the restraint for the house arrest wasn’t considered or motivated in the resolution,» – Lehostov has said.

Arsen Dzhepparov’s lawyer Dzhemil Temishev has stated that numerous prolongations of the arrest remain a form of pressure on his client.

According to the lawyer, Dzhepparov is in the severe health condition, he had a fistula on his neck, which inflamed, and he cannot hear with the left ear. The defense repeatedly appealed to the administration of the remand prison demanding to render medical assistance to Dzhepparov, but there was no reaction.

Temishev has informed that the defense will file a complaint against the actions of the remand prison administration, to the Public Prosecutor’s Office.

Also, Dzhemil Temishev represented the interests of Vadym Siruk. Lawyer Emil Kurbedinov has informed this in a comment for QirimInfo.

Lawyer of the fourth defendant in Yalta «Hizb ut-Tahrir case» Refat Alimov Edem Semedlyayev has informed in a comment for QirimInfo, that the session of the court passed in the closed regime due to «terrorist act threat».

«The judge explained that it was a closed session because of the instable political situation in our country. I asked to let the defendant’s sister and mother into the court hall, but the judge denied,» – Semedlyayev has told.

According to the lawyer, the defendant refused to answer the judges’ questions after that. In turn, lawyer Semedlyayev petitioned for the recusal of the whole board of judges. The court didn’t satisfy the petition.

The decision in the case of Emir Usein Kuku remains unknown, as the defendant’s lawyer Oleksii Ladin couldn’t attend the court session because of illness.

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