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There is no legal basis for Crimean Tatar battalion within National Guard

January 19, 2016 16:17 0 1221 QirimInfo
National Guard says that claims about creation of a new Crimean battalion within the National Guard are baseless.

Any claims about the creation of a new Crimean Tatar battalion within the National Guard will have no legal basis until a relevant law or decree is introduced, said Svitlana Pavlovska, representative of National Guard.

“The issue of creating a new battalion cannot be solved neither by the National Guard headquarters, nor by its representatives. The decision has to be made at national authorities’ level: by Verkhovna Rada, by the Supreme Commander. They introduce such changes,” she said.

It is not easy to create a new battalion, since the size of National Guard it strictly defined by the Law of Ukraine “On National Guard”.

“For example, when National Guard was created, though it included all volunteer battalion, all of them were considered regular military units. So far there have been no steps toward creation of a new battalion,” Pavlovska explained.

Previously Lenur Islyamov said that activists are creating a new Crimean battalion to help carry out the blockade of the peninsula.

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